New Innovation Seed Grants


Purpose: The Institute offers innovation seed grants to Michigan State University (MSU) faculty in the colleges of Education, Natural Science, Engineering and/or Lyman-Briggs to pursue initial collaborative efforts and pilot studies that will lead to the development of a new proposals for significant external funding. Proposed projects should be new collaborations or innovation and research efforts that have not previously been submitted for funding.

Grants are available for work that focuses on improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and/or engineering through innovation and research, and may address learners K-16 including informal and community learning. Submission for the CREATE Innovation Seed grants should be built on a collaboration that includes faculty from more than one CREATE partner college, including both disciplinary and educational expertise.

Number of awards: For 2017-2018 up to two awards will be made. 

Grant funds available: $25,000 per award 

Selection Criteria: Proposals should address the following points clearly and succinctly in 5-10 pages (including references):

  1. Identify a significant problem in mathematics, science, or engineering education at the K-16 level.
  2. Provide a strong rationale for the proposed innovation that is grounded in the research literature on teaching and learning.
  3. Describe both the intellectual merit of work (how this work will potentially contribute to the literature in the field) as well as its broad impact (how this work will impact teaching & learning for students and why this is important)
  4. Describe the potential innovation and how it will address the problem identified in #1 above.

The application should also include (2-3 pages):

  1. Provide a well-reasoned work plan that is feasible within the time and financial support provided.
  2. Include a budget and budget justification detailing how grant funds will be used.
  3. Clearly explain the targeted potential external funder(s) and how the seed grant will enhance the planned future grant application.
  4. Briefly detail the background and expertise of the individuals on the team, and how each will contribute their expertise to the work.
  5. Outline plans for publications and presentations (local and national) to disseminate your results.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Final report is required
  2. Present at least one seminar at MSU that shares the results of the work
  3. Submit grant for future funding within 18 months.
  4. Submit proposal for at least one paper presentation at a professional conference.
  5. Begin preparation of at least one manuscript for publication.

Proposal due date: April 1, 2017 

Notification: 15 days after due date 

Project Start Date: July 1, 2017 

Review & Oversight: Proposals and projects will be reviewed and overseen by CREATE. 

Submittal: Submit proposal online at .