Discipline-Based Educational Research members

Mr. Brandon Ewert
James Fairweather Education Administration
Dr. Cori Fata-Hartley College of Natural Science
Kimberly Fenn Psychology
Dr. john gerlach biomedical laboratory diagnostics/medicine
Mrs. Bethany Gettings Plant Biology
Prof. Thomas Getty Integratie Biology
Dr. Amelia Gotwals Teacher Education
Geoffrey Habron
Dr. Kevin Haudek Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Peng He CREATE for STEM Institute
Dr. Merle Heidemann CREATE for STEM Institute
Casey Henley Neuroscience
Dr. Katie Hinko Lyman Briggs, Physics and Astronomy
Robert Hipple Physics and Astronomy
Mr. Seth Hunt Zoology
Dr. Amal Ibourk Curriculum, Instruction, & Teacher Education
Margaret Iding
Paul Irving Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Lauren Jescovitch CREATE for STEM