Discipline-Based Educational Research members

James Smith
Ms. Tamara Smolek TE
Dr. Marty Spranger Physiology
Dr. Kamali Sripathi
Research Associate
Colter Starr CREATE for STEM Institute
Dr. Matthew Steele CREATE for STEM
Jon Stoltzfus Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Ryan Stowe Chemistry
Dr. David Stroupe Teacher Education
Dr. Ryan Sweeder lyman briggs
Dr. Tasia Taxis Animal Science
Prof. Stuart Tessmer Physics and Astronomy
LeighAnn Tomaswick Education
Dr. Caleb Trujillo Plant Biology
Dr. Juli Uhl CREATE for STEM
Dr. Sonia Underwood Chemistry
Dr. Mark Urban-Lurain CREATE for STEM Intsitute
Dr. John Urbance Biological Sciences
Dr. Claudia Vergara Center for Engineering Education Research
Dr. Alexa Warwick Fisheries and Wildlife