STEM Alliance Members

Dr. Idit Adler
Prof. Group Admin Miscellany
Alicia Alonzo
Associate Professor
Teacher Education
Charles W. (Andy) Anderson Teacher Education
Dr. Ann Austin Educational Administration
Wolfgang Bauer Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services
Renee Bayer CREATE for STEM Institute
Warren Beck Chemistry
John Bell
Dr. Robert Bell Lyman Briggs / Mathematics
Dr. Kristen Bieda Teacher Education, CREATE for STEM Institute, Program in Mathematics Education
Dr. Andrea Bierema CISGS and IBIO
Dr. Daina Briedis Chemical Engineering
Neeraj Buch
Prof. Danny Caballero Physics and Astronomy
Jerry Caldwell Charles Drew Science Scholars
Dr. Caitlin Callahan Department of Geological Sciences/CREATE for STEM
Rique Campa Graduate School
Virginia Cangelosi
Dr. Justin Carmel Chemistry