Mr. John Knapp

Undergraduate Lyman Briggs student pursuing a degree in Microbiology.

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Dr. Rob Gould University of California - Los Angeles
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Dr. Liz Bailey

I am a biology education researcher who teaches introductory biology for majors and for non-majors. I research gender gaps in STEM, integration of math and biology, and reciprocal peer tutoring.

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Chantale Begin University of South Florida Contact
Dr. Andrea Bierema

I obtained a Master's in Biological Sciences and Doctorate in Science Education: Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University. I began at MSU as a postdoctoral research associate in 2014, working with Dr. Jon Stoltzfus and Dr. Christina Schwarz on a CREATE for STEM LPF-CMP2 funded project and working with the AACR (Automated Analysis of Constructed Response) research group.

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Prof. Lisa Doner

I work at a partnering institution, a small, primarily undergraduate 4-year university in cental New Hampshire, and coordinate our Environmental Science and Policy program. We are pilot testing some of the concepts developed here at CREATE, looking for the best methods of evaluating student learning and our teaching approaches. 

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