Minsu Ha SUNY - Stony Brook Former Research Associate
Dr. Greig Hamish University of Maine Contact
Dr. Jon Hoekstra Heartland Community College Contact
Dr. Anne-Marie Hoskinson

I joined CEER, the Center for Engineering Education Research after two years of work in the Ebert-May lab. I am working on the AACR project (Automated Analysis of Constructed Responses) where we seek authentic ways to assess conceptual learning in large numbers of students.

South Dakota State University Former Research Associate Contact
Mr. Kyle Jennings University of Georgia Former Graduate Student
Dr. Praveena Kanchupati South Dakota State University Postdoctoral Researcher Contact
Prof. Naohiro Kato Louisiana State University Contact
Donna Koslowsky Michigan State University
Dr. Jing Lin

I work at Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment toward Basic Education Quality at Beijing Normal University. My research domains are science education and teacher education. I am very interested in CREATE-STEM projects. Happy to learn more ~~~

Beijing Normal University Contact
Dr. Ying Liu City College of San Francisco Contact
Dr. Alex Lyford Middlebury College Former Graduate Student
Mr. Jonathan Markey Michigan State University Former Graduate Student Contact
Dr. Andrew Martin University of Colorado - Boulder Contact
Dr. Jennifer Martin University of Colorado - Boulder Contact
Alex Mazur Michigan State University Former Undergraduate Researcher Contact
Dr. Julia McGuire University of Maine Contact
Dr. Patricia Moore University of Georgia Contact
Dr. Rosa Moscarella

I am a former Research Associate at the CREATE for STEM Institute at Michigan State University working with Dr Mark Urban-Lurain. Currently, I am a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Amherts.

Michigan State University Former Research Associate Contact
Dr. Robert Northington University of Maine Contact
Dr. Brian Olsen University of Maine Contact
Dr. Mandy Orth South Dakota State University Contact
Chris Osovitz University of South Florida Contact
Dr. Mihwa Park Michigan State University Former Research Associate, now at SUNY Buffalo
Karen Pelletreau University of Maine Research associate
Dr. Benjamin Predmore University of South Florida Contact
Dr. Asha Rao

Texas A&M Contact
Jeremy Rentsch University of Colorado - Boulder Former Research Associate
Dr. Gena Sbeglia SUNY Stony Brook Contact
Scott Sieke University of Colorado - Boulder
Dr. Kamali Sripathi

Kamali received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2014, focusing on the biophysics of small catalytic RNAs. Her research interests include: 1) understanding how students use the visualizations (e.g., 3D images of biomolecules, graphs, chemical equations, etc.

Michigan State University Research Associate Contact


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