Initial national meeting of AACR FLCs

Faculty work group

The AACR collaborative project has local faculty learning communities (FLC) at six universities. One goal of the project is to connect local FLCs "virtually" into a larger, national community of practice around assessment.  

On the weekend of May 17-18, 2014, a total of 29 faculty participants, project principal investigators and post doctoral researchers participated in a "FLC kick-off" face-to-face meeting and workshop at the Westin hotel in Detroit, MI.   A goal of this meeting was to introduce faculty participants to one another and research project staff.  By meeting in-person, the faculty have a basis for their "virtual" connection with each other.

In the meeting faculty broke into small workgroups to review AACR feedback reports and discuss what they had learned about their students' thinking from being involved in the AACR project.  Then faculty used these discussions to build an activity directed at one of these "uncovered" instructional needs. A total of four activities covering three different topic areas were generated.

To conclude the meeting, goals and suggestions for the next academic year were discussed.

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