Publications by Eli Meir

Uhl, J. D., Merrill, J. E., Urban-Lurain, M., Haudek, K. C., Sripathi, K. N., & Meir, E. (2021). Automated Writing Assessment of Undergraduate Learning After Completion of a Computer-based Cellular Respiration Tutorial. In Society for Advancement of Biology Education Research. Virtual: SABER. Retrieved from (Original work published 07/2021AD)
Uhl, J. D., Sripathi, K. N., Meir, E., Merrill, J., Urban-Lurain, M., & Haudek, K. C. (2021). Automated Writing Assessments Measure Undergraduate Learning after Completion of a Computer-Based Cellular Respiration Tutorial. Cbe—Life Sciences Education, 20, ar33. (Original work published 09/2021AD)