How You Use It

A brief description of how you can use the free resources here.

Three easy steps to use the CRC tool

Using the developed tools at this site is an easy 3 step process.  To learn more about how the Constructed Response Classifier (CRC) tool works to "score" student responses, click here.

1. Find Questions

Browse our question bank for developed questions that are compatible with this system. Use filters to select topics to find questions that best fit your class. Then administer the questions in an electronic platform you're comfortable with, such as your local learning management system (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard).

The CRC tool can only analyze answers for questions developed with the tool.  Our developed questions are the result of multiple research and design cycles and target key ideas for student learning in STEM.  Nearly all of our questions have been used at multiple schools during development and testing phases.

2. Upload Data

Download your students' responses in a common spreadsheet form (like Microsoft Excel or CSV). Log-in to this site, upload the spreadsheet, then hit the Analyze data button.

Once you click the Analyze button, your students' responses are sent to the CRC tool and will be "scored" (or classified) by a computer scoring model.  These models have been developed using existing responses and predict scores or classifications of new responses as accurately as an expert.  Before  the CRC tool uses the responses, the upload system de-identifies the student responses, so no student information is used or stored by the system.

To upload data, you will need an account at this site.  Request an account by using the link below.

3. Review

In a matter of minutes, a feedback report will be generated based on your students' responses. You'll be able to explore your student data with a variety of representations and analysis tools.

Use these results to explore student ideas and learning in your class.  These reports may help you understand what students have achieved or struggle with in your course.  We also have some Instructor Resources available to registered users that may address some of the student difficulties uncovered in your feedback report.

Imagine of Coming Soon Dashboard

Check out the great info contained in a sample report

Results from analysis of your students' responses are returned to you in an interactive report.  The interactive report allows you to view results at the class-level or view individual student responses!  The report contains a variety of graphs and tables that allow you to explore your students thinking!   See which ideas are most frequent in your students' responses or examine which ideas commonly occur together.

Register Today

Using the questions and scoring tool is free!  Get access to the analysis tool to upload data and view reports by requesting an account.