Next Generation Concept Inventory AACR project at IUSE Summit

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Dr. Kevin Haudek and Dr. Chelsie Romulo presented their progress on the collaborative project to develop a Next Generation Concept Inventory for interdisciplinary environmental programs, funded by the National Science Foundation.  As part of the project, the team is developing a set of constructed response assessment items centered on the Food-Energy-Water nexus that can be automatically scored using the Constructed Response Classifier developed by the AACR research group. 

At the AAAS-IUSE Summit, Dr. Haudek presented a poster describing the project progress to date, including the assessment development process.  Dr. Romulo led a workshop about how to create concept-inventory like questions to elicit student thinking as part of formative assessment.

Learn more about the NGCI project here.


Dr. Chelsie Romulo and Dr. Kevin Haudek present a project poster at the AAAS IUSE Summit conference in June 2022