Differences in cell type


Use one of the two possible versions:

Version 1: Using your knowledge of genetics, explain how human eye and heart cells are different.


Version 2: Using your knowledge of genetics, explain how human brain cells and heart cells are different.

Background Information

These items have been converted from the Genetics Concept Assessment by Smith et al.

Original item:

1. Which of the following human cells contains a gene that specifies eye color?
a) Cells in the eye.
b) Cells in the heart.
c) Gametes (sperm and egg).
d) Cells in the eye and gametes.
e) All of the above.

Question Instructions

We recommend that you administer these questions as homework and preface the question with these instructions for students:

"For the following question, please respond to the best of your knowledge and using only the information in the question and what you know. Please do not refer to any outside sources (textbooks, notes, internet, etc.). Any reasonable attempt to answer the question will be awarded full credit."

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